Thursday, September 25, 2008


Another free developer tool has been released yesterday - the EQUATEC Tracer.

Here's the email extract from the EQATEC development team:

We're happy to announce the release of yet another development tool, the EQATEC Tracer.

In summary, the tracer will show how your .NET code is executed live. It's great for debugging and no source code changes are needed: just point the tracer to your app, run the modified code, and start watching the trace output. It's that simple.

The tracer is useful for all .NET developers, but especially for those doing embedded development in .NET Compact Framework: it allows you to enable in-target-debugging during development or at customer sites - a situation where a traditional debugger isn't an option. Letting the tracer add trace-instructions to all methods and turn them on/off at runtime can easily save many, many days of work, so you can spend your time on the fun and interesting parts instead of adding endless trace-messages.

Some functional highlights include:

- Add trace to any .NET apps - no source code changes needed
- Enable tracing at runtime for all method calls, parameters, exceptions etc
- Works with both .NET Compact Framework and the full .NET Framework
- Very low overhead when tracing is turned off
- View trace output from PC or device remotely over network connection
- On the fly enabling and disabling of trace instructions
- Trace each thread in a separate window

The EQATEC Tracer can be downloaded here under BSD license terms.

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