Saturday, July 12, 2008

Troubleshooting the Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager

Following a full format of my machine, I have re-installed the Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager. The rear speakers and front panel mic jack wasn't working for some reasons and it seems there was no easy way to fix this problem - no obvious configuration in the Sound Manager panels, the devices were working properly on the Device Manager, the installation of latest drivers doesn't change anything... and many other users having the same problem on the internet technical forums.

However, I have solved this issue months back when first installing the drivers, and I have solved it once again for a second time. So, if you having the same problem, try the following:

1. Open the Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager and click the Connector Settings option;

2. Check (or select) the Disable front panel jack detection.

And, it works!!


Anonymous said...

This worked for me. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

MY realtek HD audio sound manager does not have the "disable front panel jack detection". How can I solve this problem?

ashvin said...

have you configured and install your devices properly? with all drivers?

avantika said...

My realtek HD audio isnt working properly. the music is coming but the lyrics gives an echo effect. CAnnot figure out what the problem is.

Pakalnute said...

what do i'm doing wrong?

i have ASUS EAH4550 HDMI with sound.
instaled everything realtek HD for ATI and so on, and i have stereo sound.

as i understand i must go to realtek audio manager and chose there 5.1 sound.
but i found that this manager is not instaled at all. Instals only driver without manager.
i instaled manager separatly and new problem apared. there is no where to chose 5.1 sound.

as i see in google there must be mix; audio; I/O; micraphone; and 3D audio. but in my manager there is only sound efect and general.

what i am doing wrong?

ashvin said...

i'm no expert in this area.... may be you should direct the question to the realtek forums... or technical support.


Anonymous said...

you are a god.