Saturday, July 26, 2008

N95 Barcode Reader

Nokia N95 allows creation, sharing and scanning of barcodes. Yes barcodes!!!

1. Create the barcode
The barcode can be created by using different kind of generators. And there are many free online generators as well. For example, here or here. I will use the Nokia's Mobile Codes service.

The barcode below is one for this blog's url

These barcodes can also be used in websites, emails, or documents and at the same time protect the data from spambots.

2. Reading the barcode

Now to read the barcode, there are various readers available for the S60 mobile phones. For example, Kaywa Reader, Glass Reader, UpCode Reader and Semacode Reader, just to name a few.

Here, I will use the Nokia Barcode Reader that comes with the mobile phone by default.

Updated on 30/Jul/08:
Why is this needed? A comment posted from one of the nokia forums:

Actually this is a massive usage in Japan that is spreading across the globe. In Japan you find adverts, posters, magazines etc with them and more commonly, every businessman has one on his business card so the recipient can scan it straight into the phone!

For a real practical situation, imagine this:
You see poster for a gig you are interested in. The poster has a QR code (2D barcode), you scan it and the resulting link takes the phone browser straight to a secure site where you buy tickets!

It really does have a lot of potential. It is also useful if you want to view a web page on your phone to save typing in a long address. I have a firefox plugin which generates the barcode for the page you are on when you hover over a status bar icon. You can then scan that straight off the screen for future use on your phone!


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