Monday, September 10, 2007

Automatic generation of XML Documentation in C# with GhostDoc

Writing XML comments while coding in C# can be a tedious task at times. By installing GhostDoc, a free Visual Studio add-in, you can automate this process and get some additional minutes to concentrate on the code :-)

What does GhostDoc do?
GhostDoc simply gives you a quick means of adding some comments to your classes/methods while you are using the editor to code in C#, by guessing a suitable (and meaningful) comments and thus, automates the process.

Note: GhostDoc assumes that the code follows Microsoft's Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers.

GhostDoc also includes options that allow you to modify existing rules and add additional rules that determine what kind of comments should be generated. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

What doesn't GhostDoc do?
GhostDoc doesn't do miracles...

GhostDoc is not a tool for creating the complete documentation for a given source file in one go. It can only document one member at a time, and you always have to check and, if necessary, correct the automated comments in order to meet match your preferred documentation.

Download it from

While coding in the Visual Studio editor, right click on the class name, method, etc and select "Document this".

Give it a try!

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